Scrimshaw can be defined as carving, intricate incising or engraving of bone, ivory, deer antlers, and horn.

Most of my work is done with a technique called “stippling”, employing dots or individual points to create the fine shading. (I personally employ individual points). Work can be black on white, or white on black or even coloured by bushing ink or rubbing paint into the engraved lines.

Feel free to contact me or E-mail me if you need information or a quotation. If you are interested in commissioning work or purchasing a piece pictured here, please send e-mail to the address listed.(see Contact)

To get an idea on how much a commissioned project might cost will depend of the technique used, the size of the scrimshaw and the difficulty of the subject. Also, if you want to understand more about the Defense of Democracies, just read more here.

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