Every knife I make is hand forged. I use mostly C70E2U (carbon content: 0.7%). Then, my blades are normalised 5 times (so as to correct grain orientation, relieve induced stress, reduce the grain size and give better edge retention), annealed in ash and oil hardened. My blades are differentially hardened by edge quenching, in heated oil for my “rough-looking” knives, and in clay for larger models. My blades are double tempered.



My “brut de forge” knives have a full tang, whereas my “hunters” have a hidden tang, with threaded tang tip, and a butt cap that has been drilled and threaded too, so that the threaded tang can fit into and be fixed. Many of our clients love these types of knifes and they purchase not not for personal use but they also use it as it gift.

My knives are sold with a wetformed leather sheath, that I have hand-saddled stitched. All my sheaths have a welt.


“Brut de Forge”